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The refugees no one wants

In South Africa, White Boers are forced to live in shanty towns because the post-Nelson Mandela era isn’t as “rainbow” as was promised. For over a decade, laws have been in place which deliberately put Whites at a severe disadvantage when looking for work. 400,000 White South Africans now live in poverty, almost one out […]

Russia agrees with Hungary that it’s good to “defend European identity”

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban met with Russian President Vladimir Putin on February 17th, to discuss mass illegal immigration into Europe, among other subjects. Unlike some Western politicians who are aiming to change the demographics of their countries, Orban believes Europe should remain as it was before “diversity” was ever pushed on it. “History has […]

UKIP’s Nigel Farage addresses “White genocide” caller

A caller phoned in to UK independence party leader, Nigel Farage’s radio show, and asked him what he thought about White genocide. He said he was “generally quite an admirer” of Farage, and asked him how “EU membership [effects] the UK European rape invasion by Blacks and Muslims?” “White demographics and White genocide. How important […]