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Dr. Sascha Vongehr, a physicist and philosopher, says that he has been “an antifascist for three decades,” but admits that failure to address race and IQ is bringing about the death of the West.

I have not foreseen that the fall of the West would start with the race issuehe writes on Science20.com.

As a progressive mind, race is not on the radar when pondering the future, even although I knew the relevant science. I just did not attend to the connections that race keeps real despite of our denial.

Now, as race riots and race-flash-mob-violence sweeps the US, 138 thousand Germans escaped Germany in 2015” because of state-wide internet censorship, and imprisonment for those who criticize immigration.

They work just like the old witch hunts, modern mob violence that destroys careers and families without the victims being able to even point to specific perpetrators.

Whites and White males as well as Jews are targeted, which thus samples the sub-populations with the highest IQs.

He says “IQ decline is almost entirely” due to “the dangers of immigration“, and that “the current immigration will accelerate the decay further only in the next generation.

So what happens now? Vongehr says “it is unstoppable even if we were to stop immigration now,

Many Germans flee to Eastern Europe, countries such as Hungary, the only EU country democratic enough to ask its citizen whether they desire unlimited mass immigration

An American-Hungarian diplomat also said that in a few decades, Westerners would be fleeing to Eastern European countries, especially Hungary.

The Western establishment thought that they would get rid of Westerners, and everything would carry on as usual. And now people inside their own ranks are waking up to the truth that people like us have been spreading, despite risking our safety and freedom.

It’s White genocide, and hopefully one day the main perpe-TRAITORS against this crime will be taken to an international court, and tried for their anti-White agenda.

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According to Adam Topolansky, a former U.S. diplomat, huge waves of White Western Europeans will try to escape from the “diversity” their leaders have forced on them.

Tens, possibly hundreds of thousands of German, Dutch, French, Belgian, and other western European citizens may opt to move to Hungary in the next 20–30 years and settle there in the wake of the migration crisis,writes Topolansky, who was himself born in Hungary.

Of course, some of them may prefer other destinations like Croatia, Slovenia, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, or other countries as well. But Hungary will be on top of their list as a destination country in which they will want to settle.

This reversed migration is a predictable trend as citizens of western Europe will want to escape their leaders’ suicidal migration policies and will seek a safer place to retire. Not only older people, but younger folks may also select Hungary as a preferred place to live and work.

The main reason for this exodus is that western Europeans do not want to live in fear surrounded by radical Muslims in their own countries.

As a result of these factors, there will be a major migration wave from West to East, while concurrently, migrants will continue to pile up on the western half of the continent in order to collect higher social benefits and seek higher paying jobs.

The manipulated breakdown of western European civilization is presumably some kind of ill-conceived revenge by the liberal western elite for the two world wars and Nazism.

If things keep going along as they do now, Topolansky’s prediction will probably turn out to be 100% correct.

The only thing is, he calls it suicide, even though he acknowledges that it’s the elite who have pushed for this agenda, contrary to public opinion.

This is not suicide. This is genocide – White genocide, as defined by international law.

Whenever you hear some elitist politician talking about “diversity”, what they mean is “get rid of Whites”.

Is Africa “too Black”? Asia “too Asian”? Or the Middle East “too Muslim”? Nope. Not according to those same people.

You see, to them “Diversity” is not about eliminating majorities – it’s about eliminating White majorities.

So whenever you next hear politicians or business leaders using the word “diversity” – now you know that it is just a code word for White genocide.

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