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One way you can tell a really classy writer is her use of novel, creative terminology.

“Local Racist and Anti-Semite Jimmy Marr Arrested.”

You can tell the writer of this title is a real pro who works hard to be original.

I have yet to see one single establishment article even mention the rioting at Trump rallies by anti-whites.

But sometimes when the right to peaceable assembly is violated, it is just plain evil:

The anti-white … stands up fearlessly for free assembly when it is used for anti-white causes:

“The permitted, lawful rally, put on by the Community Alliance of Lane County, Standing Up for Racial Justice and the NAACP as well as the Springfield Alliance for Equality and Respect outside Willamalane Center, was  “in reaction to increasing levels of racist, xenophobic, homophobic, Islamophobic, anti-Semitic and classist activity happening in Lane County,” the Community Alliance of Lane County said. “There have been more Confederate flags seen in the area, vandalism targeting Asian owned businesses, a truck driving around with neo-Nazi and white supremacist messages on it and more.”

With this innovative terminology the article shows the police moving in on this Giant Marr Thing and an arrest document showing that those same police who are absent when one or two pro-whites appear with signs saying “white genocide,” fearlessly show up in force when a dangerous giant like Marr threatens to stamp out real protesters really peaceably assembling to denounce whites.

Self-styled “professionals” who have NEVER ONCE mentioned free speech in relation to any violence against any pro-white show their dedication to American Principles when anti-whites protest in their own professional way:

They go hysterical.

And this article is pure hysteria.

No one but me will mention that.

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The county of Satu Mare, in Romania, has been picked as the site to set up the very first immigrant camps in the country. The immigrants are scheduled to arrive in February, and will be moved into camps around the city of Ardud.

When local people heard the news they were furious.

Mayor of Ardud, Ovidiu Duma told B1.ro news: “I want to say very bluntly: the village of Mădăras and city of Ardud do not agree with carrying out this project.

Representatives from Ardud wrote on their website that “We do not agree under any circumstances that this is legal – it is not legal. And we are willing to resort to violence.

Let everyone know this thing: those in charge of the project, if it is implemented, it will lead there [to violence]. And we will tell you now: do not be surprised.

We do not want it to be like it is in foreign countries; to be afraid to let children go to school alone, or wives alone on the street.

And here is the problem with not defending the Romanian state or citizens: we will defend our families.

Local Romanians are particularly upset about the cloak-and-dagger methods used by Frères România, the Representative Association which is co-ordinating the project.

At first they said that the project was to provide homes for elderly Romanians, but in January, they suddenly revealed that they were hiring people to work in the newly-built immigrant camp.

The people behind the camps are 100% aware that the majority of Europeans are against immigrant camps and mass immigration, so why does it still go on if the countries in Europe are supposedly all democracies?

Mainstream politicians don’t want to do what people say, and this is why alternative parties are rising. Mainstream politicians, left or right, all believe that the West must “diversify”, and that being “too White” is a problem.

And the fact is people just don’t like mass immigration, and they also don’t like how majority White areas are chased down and forced to accept “diversity” policies.

It’s White genocide, and this reality is really starting to sink in. If you stand with us, help us get the word out by joining our world-wide March Against White Genocide – March 19th, 2016.

H/T White Genocide Project

But certain German authorities don’t seem to care about these poor girls and women – instead they are worried that Germans will use their mean and hurtful words!

Roland Schaefer, head of Germany’s association of towns and localities told reporters “Events like that in Cologne foster xenophobia…

Cologne Mayor, Henriette Reker, was worried that people might blame the government’s recent immigration policies for what’s happened

It’s completely improper… to link a group that appeared to come from North Africa with the refugees” she said.

One man was with his girlfriend and 15 year-old daughter when they were surrounded by a large crowd of Arab men.

The attackers grabbed her and my partner’s breasts and groped them between their legs.” the man recalls.

About 300 German women gathered on Tuesday 5th, to protest against this rape wave and to criticize German Chancellor, Angela Merkel.

In German politics, as in all Western politics, certain politicians want to carry out a White genocide by singling out all the White areas, and forcing “diversity” on us.

Joschka Fischer, former Foreign Minister and Vice Chancellor of Germany, summed up the position of Germany’s anti-White doctrine:

Germany is to be contained from outside and heterogenized from the inside by influx, ‘diluted’ so to speakhe wrote in his book.

Merkel’s regime is simply just carrying out this anti-White agenda. They will call it “diversity”, but that is just their code word for White genocide. What they really mean is “let’s get rid of all the White areas.

H/T White Genocide Project


The #BoycottStarWarsVII hashtag on Twitter has received a massive amount of attention from mainstream media, from the BBC, to CNN, the Guardian, USAToday, and many others.

A lot of the major voices on the hashtag are also talking about or hashtaging #WhiteGenocide. Some people don’t understand why they call it genocide.

“Genocide” is not some bad word that we say to scare people – it is the truth because what’s being done to White people on a global scale is classified as genocide under the United Nations Genocide Conventions.

And while the new Star Wars movie does not technically breach any of the genocide conventions, what it does do is participate in a much larger anti-White agenda which does breach the conventions.

Let me explain. When certain people talk about a lack of “diversity” they mean that an area is “too White”. When they call for “diversity” they are calling for an area to move in non-White people until White people are no longer the majority . . . but no one calls for “diversity” in any non-White area.

Now that is what we mean when we say White genocide.

Deliberately trying to change the demographics of a country, state, city, or town is genocide. It doesn’t matter if it’s done with non-violent methods – genocide doesn’t have to be violent to be genocide.

The director of the new Star Wars movie, J.J. Abrams, has admitted that he supports this “diversity” agenda, on film at least.


The new Star Wars movie is not causing White genocide, but it certainly is jumping on the White Genocide band wagon.

H/T White Genocide Project



A new bill called the Adoptive Family Relief Act has been passed, which makes it easier for anti-White individuals to adopt Africans from the Democratic Republic of Congo.

In an attempt to help these families, the Adoptive Family Relief Act will provide meaningful financial relief by granting the State Department the authority to waive the fees for multiple visa renewals in this and other extraordinary adoption circumstances,said Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.

This bill will now go to the President for his signature, and it is my hope it will bring needed assistance to so many loving families who want nothing more than to open their homes to a child in a need.

McConnell wants to look like he cares about adopted children, but he has only been working to bring in adopted children from the Democratic Republic of Congo. Seems he has a hidden agenda…

McConnell got an adopted child from the DRC back to the US for one particular couple.

The couple said: “We truly appreciate the Senator’s dedication on this heart wrenching situation and hope this bill will be able to assist Kentucky families, as well as many others dealing with the financial impact of the adoption crisis in the DRC

For 2 years now, the Democratic Republic of Congo has had restrictions in place to make it harder for foreigners to take adopted Congo children out of the country.

For this Kentucky family and the many others that are still waiting, I again, strongly urge the DRC government to resolve this matter expeditiously in a way that provides for the swift unification of families” McConnell said.

If ever there was anyone more deserving of the title “Cuckservative”…

Some people think that it’s just the left-wing of politics that’s responsible for White Genocide, but actually McConnell is republican, and so many anti-Whites.

This is not a left-wing versus right-wing struggle, it is pro-White versus anti-White struggle. Which one are you?

h/t White GeNOcide Project

CPfMId7XAAAElwYDr. Kevin MacDonald, Ph.D. in Biobehavioral Sciences, is the editor and chief contributor of The Occidental Observer, which presents original content touching on themes of white identity, white interests, and the culture of the West. Tim Murdock is the host of White Rabbit Radio and the voice of Horus the Avenger, bringing awareness to White genocide through the widely circulated memes, “Diversity is a code word for White genocide” and “Anti-racist is a code word for anti-White” and other popular animations. John Friend is an independent blogger and journalist who maintains The Realist Report, focusing primarily on the events of 9/11, WWII revisionism, media deception and psychological warfare, power and influence of the Zionist Lobby in America, and the systematic assault upon traditional Western European civilization.

In this special roundtable discussion, we focus on the burgeoning immigrant invasion of Europe and the controlled mainstream media’s contrived web of lies covering the mess. We begin with a look at the design and tactics of the campaign that is pulling on the heartstrings of White Europeans, and signs that the official narrative is beginning to crumble as people wake up to the absurdity of the situation. John describes the press’ coverage of the crisis, which plainly indicates their ruling elites’ central role in promoting the resettlement of non-Whites in Europe and America. We discuss the absence of any MSM video footage that would shine a negative light on the hostile ‘refugees,’ a majority of whom are extremely aggressive male Muslims with a particular disdain for Europeans.

We get into the attacks on US presidential candidate Donald Trump for his open support of White interests, along with the hypocrisy of the outspoken political elite in regards to the demographic and economic questions of the immigration debate. Further, we look at the speed in which the Zionist agenda to overthrow the Middle East using Western capital is moving, and Tim points to indications that the managerial class is growing suspicious of the global agenda and the mission of multiculturalism for only European countries. Kevin emphasizes the history of cataclysmic social upheaval that has been created by Jews, and the ideology of past movements that have been aimed at deconstructing the ethnicity of the Western people. Then, our focus turns toward simple memes that can be used to counteract the psychological warfare that has brainwashed society to believe in the utopian dream of diversity. To round things off, we speculate on what moves the hostile elite could have up their sleeves in what is shaping up to be a full-on clash of civilizations on European homelands.

Click here for the interview

Miller Trial 083115 0180f_zps3oba9zhk.jpeg~original

The black rage is their defense.

Now when the young guy in Charleston did his shootings, they instantly convicted me which gave us lots of publicity.

The guy who just did the Jewish Center killings has just been convicted. At the beginning of his closing argument he put up on the whiteboard that “Diversity is a code word for White Genocide”.

But oddly enough, nobody came after me.

One explanation for this is, the same reason they put it off with CNN, they can’t deal with me.

But all this has made me consider White Rage.

If a black man runs around killing white people, it’s because of oppression.

Now if we have white guys out killing, In The Name Of White Genocide, it may be a warning.

Isolated Black killings of whites are the result of a legitimate “Black Rage”.

So isolated killings In The Name Of Genocide, may mean that instead stopping all discussion of White Genocide, the White Rage may indicate that’s exactly what we need to discuss. Or are we going to just have people keep picking up guns?

At the moment we’ve had very isolated incidents, two of them, but should we not consider White Rage?

There is no excuse for anybody just shooting other people, on a basis like this, but it may signify that we are going to have to discuss the real issue. And that does not mean with in the current bounds.

So maybe we should start looking at these isolated two killings as White Rage.

And a warning.

H/T Bob Whitaker-BUGS