Yes, Star Wars: The Force Awakens is anti-White.


The #BoycottStarWarsVII hashtag on Twitter has received a massive amount of attention from mainstream media, from the BBC, to CNN, the Guardian, USAToday, and many others.

A lot of the major voices on the hashtag are also talking about or hashtaging #WhiteGenocide. Some people don’t understand why they call it genocide.

“Genocide” is not some bad word that we say to scare people – it is the truth because what’s being done to White people on a global scale is classified as genocide under the United Nations Genocide Conventions.

And while the new Star Wars movie does not technically breach any of the genocide conventions, what it does do is participate in a much larger anti-White agenda which does breach the conventions.

Let me explain. When certain people talk about a lack of “diversity” they mean that an area is “too White”. When they call for “diversity” they are calling for an area to move in non-White people until White people are no longer the majority . . . but no one calls for “diversity” in any non-White area.

Now that is what we mean when we say White genocide.

Deliberately trying to change the demographics of a country, state, city, or town is genocide. It doesn’t matter if it’s done with non-violent methods – genocide doesn’t have to be violent to be genocide.

The director of the new Star Wars movie, J.J. Abrams, has admitted that he supports this “diversity” agenda, on film at least.


The new Star Wars movie is not causing White genocide, but it certainly is jumping on the White Genocide band wagon.

H/T White Genocide Project