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In New Orleans, Louisiana, several hundred protesters gathered to display their anger and rage at Donald Trump being democratically elected to the presidential office.

After shouting things like “No Trump, no KKK“, “F*ck Trump“, and “Die Whites Die“, they turned towards rioting.

Several buildings were damaged, including a bank which had its windows smashed.

Also, Lee Circle, a monument in New Orleans, was vandalized with graffiti saying “Die Whites Die“, “Black Power“, “Dismantle White Supremacy“, and “Black People are ungovernable” followed by the anarchy symbol.

For several decades, the American establishment has subjected the majority of its people to massive non-Western immigration, targeted certain areas for that immigration, and all the while funding White guilt propaganda to make people by assigning blame to Whites.

This vicious agenda is legally defined as White genocide, by the UN genocide conventions. They are guilty of taking part in White genocide! Let’s see how President Trump addresses these crimes.

H/T White GeNOcide Project

Over 202 years ago at Fort McHenry, Baltimore, a question was posed:

“O say does that star-spangled banner yet wave
O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave?”  photo fortmchenry.jpg

Through the following two centuries at critical junctures the answer was always the same as that which resounded when Francis Scott Key awoke that morning to pen that stirring query. Yes, it yet waved.

On Election Day, November 8, 2016 the nation again faced a fierce battle. For days the lügenpresse threw every verbal, audio and video bomb that anti-Whites have in a well stocked arsenal of incendiaries at candidate Donald Trump who dared to assert a rank heresy that White people have the right to exist. The contest was fierce and many a foul lawless tactic was employed to demoralize Whites. The lines held.

It is morning now, and through the lies and slanders clouding the air, if you look inward into your heart you will see that with God’s blessing that the flag is still there.

Trump’s winning issue was White Identity. It was his weapon of victory. His atomic bomb. His B-45 fleet. It was what stormed the beaches for him.

This must be hammered home. He nodded a platitude this way; he winked at the Other that way; but, he always returned to the theme of the interests of the White working class. This path to victory cannot be overemphasized. It must be driven home to all ambitious politicians.

A battle, a glorious battle, has been won. Still the war is raging. Expect the foes of our race to redouble their efforts to Genocide the White race. Anti-Whites never rest. BUGSERS must be equally persistent. No backsliding. No resting on laurels. Load Mantras. Keep firing.

H/T Whitaker Online


The Guardian has released a video saying Donald Trump will be elected President due to the “dying White majority“, and that “true political revolution” will not come until “the White supremacist nation becomes mostly non-White.

Trump has to be the next president. American history dictates it.” said Steven Thrasher, a Guardian journalist.

If you understand American history, then you’ll understand why I think Donald Trump will the 45th president of the United States.

Every bold advancement of freedom in America is always met with an equally bold racist backlash.

So, when we voted against the odds to elect the first Black president 8 years ago; when we had a clear symbol that the country is literally becoming more Black.

Why shouldn’t we have expected his successor to be the meanest, Whitest, most vile bigot possible?

A President Trump will continue our American tradition of leaders who expand the empire through the suffering of people of color.

I’m waiting for the year 2043, when the White supremacist nation becomes mostly non-White. That’s when true politican revolution might be possible.

But ’till then in its final 27 years, some of the dying White majority are so desperate to hold on to their dwindling power, it will come as no surprise when the follow history’s pattern and elect a reactionary, racist, sexist, man.

America is not becoming minority White by accident. These anti-Whites have been pushing for their White genocide agenda since at least the 1960’s when laws opened America up to mass non-Western immigration, while at the same time restricting immigration from White countries.

Their goal is to destroy the White majority. That may sound quite strange because most of those who want that are themselves White.

They use words like “diversity” and “inclusive”, but what they really mean is “get rid of all the White areas”.

Detroit is never “too Black”. California is never “too Hispanic”. But if there’s a White area, the “diversity” brigade start screaming about how it’s disgustingly “too White”.

They are simply anti-White, and their agenda is simply White genocide.

H/T White GeNOcide Project


The “Stop Donald Trump Public Action Committee“, a group which opposes the Presidency of Donald Trump has Tweeted We hate White children #OnlyOffWhite.

They were responding to a Tweet which said “all off ur ‘principals’ lead to a America that doesn’t include white children..

Responses to their Tweet have ranged from agreement to calling the group anti-White.

I agree. Hate those Krackas” one Twitter account said.

Another account said “Finally you antiwhites show your true colors.

Of course they hate White children. Children are the future, and they don’t want the future to have White people in it.

Collectively, anti-Whites have forced “diversity” on White countries. Their aim is to eliminate White countries. This agenda is very clearly White genocide.

This may sound eye-rollingly over the top, but actually, the legal definition of genocide states that genocide is nothing more than an agenda to get rid of a group. In short, it does not have to be violent or involve rounding people into camps.

The anti-White elite hope to eliminate White areas with “diversity”. That fits the definition of genocide.

H/T White GeNOcide Project