German “anti-fascists” threaten mafia-style attacks on anti-immigration village


The East German village of Clausnitz was in the news this week because a crowd surrounded a bus full of illegal immigrants, who were going to be housed there. The crowd chanted “We are the people” and stopped them getting off the bus for 2 hours, until the police arrived.

Anonymous German so-called “anti-fascists” have released a threatening open letter to the villagers. It reads:

Dear Clausnitzers, everywhere one reads that you are afraid, that you are insecure. You want a dialogue at eye level. On Thursday you showed, where your dialogue leads and we are happy to build on it!

We of the Antifa visited your village. A beautiful village. Even your local museum was much appreciated.

Things can go broken, tractors can spontaneously combust – it would be a shame. Well, some of our other options would unsettle the population.

If you scare one more refugee, there will be consequences for you. We’re watching you. Another attack on a refugee, a firecracker outside the property – and your village will be in ruins. We will drive up the price of your inhumanity as high as possible.

Your hatred and your agitation will not remain unchallenged. We will not stand by the sidelines as you live out your authoritarian character. You live in a world in which ‘Being German’ is worth more than being human. We will not tolerate that.

They also threatened police, saying they “promote a racist Saxon mob.

You too will feel the consequences for your inhuman act.

So the “anti-fascists” are telling people what to do and threatening people if they don’t . . . and it hasn’t dawned on them that they ARE what they claim to fight?

Merkel has waged a full-out White genocide against Germany, in the form of forced “diversity”. Her so-called “anti-fascist” friends haven’t yet realized that they are White as well, and their comfortable lives in a nice White suburb is coming to an end if they keep pushing these policies.

There is a saying: be careful what you wish for . . .

H/T White Genocide Project