Bulgarian superman captures over 20 illegal immigrants with just his bare hands


Dinko Valev lives near the Bulgarian-Turkish border, and for several months now he has been capturing illegal immigrants who are trying to get further into Europe.

With nothing more than his bare hands and his ATV, he has captured at least 20 illegal immigrants.

The first time it happened, he was riding ATVs with his friend, when he was approached by an illegal immigrant.

Suddenly a man came up to me,” he recalled, “I walked around and I bent down and he climbed over me, maybe take the ATV to run somewhere. I hit him and he fell to the ground and began to cry – ‘Allah, Malla.’ He was wearing some torn shoes, a jacket and a backpack…

After this, 11 more illegal immigrants came out of the forest.

All the men who came out of the bushes charged towards me, to fight, but saw others on the ground bleeding, and gave up. One of them had a screwdriver. I know English perfectly, one of them knew too, so I told them that if he lies down on the ground, I will not kill him . . . ‘You know you’ll die, if you will not lie?’

A lot of these people are aggressive, and have nothing to lose; they left everything.

Dinko phoned the police, and stood watch over them until they arrived.

An hour and a half I stood guard over them to keep them staying on the ground.

He told media he would like to create a volunteer citizen border patrol, and wants donations to go to an orphanage.

50 euro per person or an amount per person caught – I’d give it to an orphanage.

It’s great that people are taking action against White genocide. From the vigilante groups in Finland, Norway, and Germany, to guys like this who send a clear message to the European elites and to the illegal immigrants themselves.

H/T White Genocide Project