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Germany: Proposed law would allow government to enter private property and plan for “accommodation of refugees”

There is a new law being secretly proposed in Germany, that is so insane that the journalist who researched it thought it was a joke at first. The journalist, Gunnar Schupelius, writes that the proposed law would “authorize the police to enter private homes to house refugees, even against the will of the owner.” In […]


Paris attacks: “this is for Syria!”

At least 120 people have been killed and many seriously injured after a bomb attack and gunfire in Paris on Friday. Eyewitnesses in a theater said gunmen shouted “this is for Syria!” and “Allah Akbar” while carrying out the attack. Many people on social media are saying this attack would have not happened if Europe […]


Young Germans should be forced to “service” immigrants for 1 year, says politician

Earlier last month, there was a massive controversy when a school in Northern Germany told parents their kids will go to illegal immigrant accommodations, and cook and clean for them. Now there is an even bigger controversy being suggested by politicians. “In view of the ever-increasing number of refugees, Germany’s young people should be required […]