Young Germans should be forced to “service” immigrants for 1 year, says politician


Earlier last month, there was a massive controversy when a school in Northern Germany told parents their kids will go to illegal immigrant accommodations, and cook and clean for them.

Now there is an even bigger controversy being suggested by politicians.

In view of the ever-increasing number of refugees, Germany’s young people should be required to perform compulsory labor” said a German TV news report.

They would basically be forced to service refugees.

This would give relief to the many volunteers who are at their limit of exhaustion.

German MP, Eckhard Rehberg, the one who suggested this idea, said:

We need compulsory service. We have no other way to be able to manage the mass of refugees and their integration” he said.

He suggested that after Young Germans had finished school, they would be forced to choose between two options: a year of military service or a year of “social service” in illegal immigrant accommodations.

Everyone who today says ‘this can’t work’ will think differently about this six months from now” said Rehberg.

Those Germans will certainly learn White Genocide is real if this actually gets passed into law.

H/T White Genocide Project