White evangelical couple think they’re better than you because they have black kids



A White evangelical couple are bragging on The Washington Post’s website about how they have given birth to Black triplets, after being implanted with embryos.

They wanted Black children so their other adopted children, one who is Black and another who is mixed-race, would feel comfortable.

This past Sunday, my gorgeous wife – a white evangelical, like me — gave birth to our beautiful African-American triplet daughters whom we adopted as embryos.wrote the husband, .

These sweet girls will hopefully soon be coming home to meet their 3-year-old African-American brother and 2-year-old biracial sister, both of whom we adopted as infants.

Knowing that it is often more challenging to find adoptive homes in the United States for non-Caucasian children we informed the agency that we were willing to accept any child except a fully Caucasian child.

When we began the adoption process we knew race could play a major role in our family dynamics, which led us to ponder deeply what a racially diverse family would look like.

It’s not that we think race doesn’t exist, or that we don’t see it. In fact, it’s the opposite – we see it, and we embrace it.

There is something beautiful and enriching being the only white face sitting and chatting with some of my African-American friends as my son gets his hair cut on a Saturday morning.

When we met with the NEDC, we were again faced with the question of what ethnicity we would choose for our adopted embryos. We wanted additional siblings to feel connected to our first two children racially, and asked the team at the NEDC if we could be matched with African-American embryos.

In our minds, we are just living out our dream. A dream that may not look like the average family, but one that we are thankful could come true in light of our country’s history.

It’s especially encouraging to see so many of our fellow millennial evangelicals now placing a high priority on life, adoption and multi-ethnic families.

There you have it, their idea of a “racially diverse family” is one without their own White kids. All social justice warriors think that they are following a higher calling as the look down their noses on everyone else.

But it is we who should look down our noses at them. They have been tricked into following the anti-White “diversity” agenda that rich elites demand, and in their older life they may end up regretting it.

You can see just what we mean when we say “diversity” is a code for White genocide. Whenever you hear those in politics use the word, what they mean is: no White people.

H/T White Genocide Project