USA Today and the Anti-White point of View








USA Today always does a wonderful job of putting on a clinic.  A clinic on how to write from the Anti-White perspective.

PHOENIX — An Arizona State University course called “U.S. Race Theory & the Problem of Whiteness” has gained national attention and landed the university and the course’s professor in the middle of a debate about race, political correctness and academic freedom.

In the space of two months, the course has been singled out by Fox News commentators, been targeted online by white-supremacist groups and spurred small protests and counter protests in Tempe.

According to university records recently obtained by The Arizona Republic, assistant professor Lee Bebout has received dozens of hostile and hate-filled e-mails about the class, and Tempe police say the instructor suffered harassment when fliers were distributed on campus and in Bebout’s neighborhood with “Anti-White” printed over a photo of Bebout, who is white.

The hit piece from USA Today was aimed at the National Youth Front. The youth group has been protesting the abundance of Institutional Anti-Whiteness at ASU.  Where else but a college campus in Western Civilization would you have to put up with a class on the “Problem of Whiteness”.  National Youth Front  has stated the following in their press release: “Only a few months after the founding of National Youth Front, we have already hit the big leagues and made an impact!”  Indeed.  The college campus environment across the USA is a cesspool of Anti-Whiteness.

Anti-Whites at USA Today spun it accordingly:

Bebout’s colleagues in higher education say the backlash is unfortunate but comes with the territory when anyone takes a critical approach to race and racism.

“Precisely the reason there is such a backlash is exactly the reason why (such classes) should exist,” said Nolan Cabrera, an assistant professor at the University of Arizona whose research focuses on race and racism in higher education. “The time it will be unnecessary is when it ceases to be controversial.”