Anti-White agitation festival started this week: Aims to guilt trip the Northern Irish into accepting more diversity

Recently we have written about the on going push for so-called “diversity” (aka turning a White country progressively non-White) in Northern Ireland here and here

A Northern Irish fan of WGP has just sent us a link to an anti-White whinge-fest that has started a few days ago over there. They are calling this the “Intercultural & Anti Racism Festival” but to be honest it really should be called “Anti-White Guilt Trip Festival”

Intercultural CNI

Apparently it is in it’s 10th year, so they have been indoctrinating the Northern Irish for a decade with this stuff, presumably coinciding with the end of the troubles which the anti-Whites needed so they could go for their “diversity” push.

The anti-White agitators behind this propaganda circus have got 5 days of mind washing planned for school children, students, community groups and the general public.

The full program can be found here

It seems like almost 20% of the content they are screening is made up of cartoons and animations aimed at children under 10 years old.

kids NI

Then we have something about Nazis, Black people in America, Aborigines, World Wars, Martin Luther King, homosexuals in the 80s, some Black woman who used to do drugs etc. They are even screening the well known anti-White agitprop piece “Dear White People” that’s been screaming down White Americans for the past year. Now, it’s not really clear what any of this has to do with Northern Ireland? Oh wait I get it, silly old me! You see, Northern Ireland is about 99% White and even though anti-Whites tell us that White people don’t exist and are just a social construct they all of a sudden do exist when they are used as a repository for historical guilt. It doesn’t matter whether they are in Northern Ireland, Wales, Sweden, Greece, France or wherever, according to the anti-White narrative Whites don’t exist but they DO EXIST only when anti-Whites want to guilt trip them AS A COLLECTIVE GROUP because of some perceived wrongdoings by some other Whites (who don’t exist) somewhere else in the globe and/or at some point in history…or something like that! Hmmmmmmm are you confused?


Actually it’s really quite simple. Anti-Whites are well aware that White people exist but given that they know their so called “diversity” and “anti-racism” policies are GENOCIDE under international law, they try to play this mealy-mouthed game of “social constructs” when they are called out on their true intentions. After all, you can’t “genocide” a “social construct” can you? At least that’s what the anti-Whites what you to think.

Also note the anti-Whites tactic of bunching groups together to cloak their real intentions. We know the REAL focus of this whinge fest is on so called “anti-racism” (which is really just anti-White) but they’ll try to deny that because they talk about people with disabilities and the poor…….for 2 minutes and then spend the rest of the week on evil White “social constructs”.

Finally I just want to add this. We hear all the time from the anti-White system that we can’t point out the anti-White contradictions because it might affect “social cohesion” and “incite racial hatred.” But what exactly do these same anti-Whites think they are doing by holding a FIVE DAY WHINGE FEST aimed at browbeating White people?! I mean isn’t all of this just a bit “hateful” against White people? Aren’t you singling out Whites as a group with this? Aren’t you inciting “racial hatred” with this? Aren’t you negatively affecting the social cohesion of White societies by making them feel bad about things they have had nothing to do with?

You can worm your way out of those questions all you like anti-Whites but we know your real intentions. It’s not some global love party you are participating in with this stuff; nope it’s White genocide!

h/t White GeNOcide Project