Boston University Is Anti-White





















Saida Grundy is just another Anti-White educator that is chasing down White kids for everything wrong in the world. This time Anti-White Boston University is protecting an upcoming assistant professor that blames Whites for slavery and claims White college males are a “problem population.” Isn’t it nice to know that race is a social construct at BU as long as you are not a White student putting up fliers? Anti-White opportunists have zero problems using race as long as it is Whites that are being blamed for the evils of the world. This is typical for the Anti-White narrative as it openly attacks Whites to glorify their agenda of White hatred. Boston University is chasing down the last White college student.

White Power Group Takes Aim at Boston University’s Saida Grundy
Flyers on campus and a hashtag campaign from a white power group call for the assistant professor to be fired.

By Chris Sweeney/ Boston Magazine
A July 1 post on the National Youth Front’s website details the so-called #FIREGRUNDY campaign and shows several pictures of flyers posted throughout the campus, both indoors and outdoors. The flyers state “Black Privilege Means Not Being Fired After Saying That White College Males Are A Problem Population.”

Previously, Professor Grundy, who is part of the university’s sociology department, has come under fire for controversial remarks on social media.

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