White Supremacists or White Separatists? Which one is it RawStory?

RawStory recently published an article titled: “White supremacist conference proposes whites-only states: We’ll ‘give the blacks Manhattan’

RawStory tries to backup their use of the “White supremacist” lie by saying that the South Poverty Law Center has “identified” it as a “White supremacist” group.

As yes, the SPLC, the “Hate Watch” cash-cow that got officially dumped by the FBI for “producing inaccurate and biased data…

When I hear the mass media saying “White supremacist”, I just have to roll my eyes.

There is a very basic difference between a “supremacist” and a “separatist”. Supremacists want to rule over others because they believe their views are superior, and separatists want to be left alone because they want to separate.

The mass media love to say “supremacist” because it makes people think “Oh no, the evil White supremacists are going to come to my neighborhood and stomp on my face!

If they used “separatist” – the correct word in that context – it would be a silly article: “Oh no, these evil White separatists want to be left alone! How dare they?!?

Are they letting kids write their articles these days, or do they really not know the difference?

H/T White Genocide Project