Belgians are more dangerous than ISIS, thinks Belgian government


While British and German intelligence agencies are worrying about ISIS and Al Qaeda coming over with the illegal immigrants, the Belgian government is frightened of the Belgians taking a stand against the tsunamigration.

The areas surrounding all illegal immigrant camps in Belgium have now been elevated from level 1 “no threat” to level 2 “average”.

Police will now be required to patrol these areas every few hours, despite Belgian intelligence agencies saying they have not detected any plans to attack illegal immigrant camps.

The Socialist mayor of Vilvoorde, thinks the threat level should be elevated even higher, because in his area apparently there are “houses with swastikas and far-right slogans.

If you know their game-plan, it’s no surprise that the Belgian government considers their own people more of a threat than Islamists masquerading as illegal immigrants.

Like most European governments, the Belgian government wants their country to be a “diverse melting pot” where no group is the majority. And by carrying out this agenda – by deliberately trying to make White people a minority – they are committing an act of White Genocide.

H/T White Genocide Project