US: Portland “too White” say Anti-Whites.

Portland is one of the few majority White big cities that are currently less affected by the policies leading to White genocide. It stands at 74% White, making it the 5th most majority White city, or as anti-Whites would phrase it, the 5th most “un-diverse!” city.

Since 2000, non-White growth in the area has slowed down, except for “Hispanics” (mixed race), which is the fastest growing group and now represent 1 in 5 students; White students have fallen to 2 in 3 students.

Sam Adams, the new mayor of Portland, said he wants a sort of affirmative action by supporting non-White contractor requirements and trying to stop the high dropout rates among non-White students.

That we are so overwhelmingly white … is neither good nor bad, but it’s a fact. So we have to work that much harder to make sure that nonwhite Portlanders have unfettered access to social and economic opportunities,” said Mayor Adams.

“We’ve got Hispanics moving to Indiana and Iowa, so they are going to come to Portland,” said William Frey of the Brookings Institution.

Darrell Millner, a professor of “black studies” at Portland State University said “Conventional wisdom at the time [1860-1890] was clear: if you don’t have more than one race, then you don’t have any racial problems.” said Millner.

Anti-Whites have a similar belief today: if they don’t have any more White people, then they don’t have any more racial, or “racism” problems as they say.

David Bragdon, president of the Metro regional government, justifies White genocide in Portland on the ground that it makes it more global and more competitive, “Oregon was virulently racist for much of its history,” said Bragdon “and if you don’t have a large minority population… that becomes self-reinforcing over time.

In other words, every majority White area has a “racism” problem, but any majority non-White area is fine. So their solution to this “racism” problem of theirs, is to make White areas non-White – that is genocide. He’s only calling it racist because it’s a majority White area, and anti-racist is a codeword for anti-White.

Salt Lake was as White as Portland in 2000, but in the space of 14 years over 60,000 non-Whites have been encouraged move in after the anti-White county mayor made getting rid of White people his top goal.

Demographics predict that Portland will follow the same path – just more slowly than Salt Lake, and the rest of the country.

This is the result of anti-White policies. Every White country on the planet is expected, and often pressured, into moving millions of non-Whites in. The stage that comes next is forcing assimilation. What this means is that there is not allowed to be one majority White area left untouched by non-White immigration. Anti-Whites like to call it “diversity”, but they never accuse non-White cities like Washington or Detroit of being “too Black”. This “diversity” problem only occurs in White communities according to anti-Whites.

The reduction or destruction of a group is the whole point of genocide. While mass-murder, starvation, or expulsion can be used to destroy a group, so can flooding the group’s communities with foreign groups and encouraging (or forcing) the two to assimilate. If the methods lead to the reduction or destruction of a group, it is it is genocide.

“Diversity” is now the main justification of genocide for White genocide. That’s why “diversity” is a codeword for White genocide – anti-Whites define the word as meaning no White people.

H/T White GeNOcide Project