New Zealand PM wants to change the flag to represent multiculturalism


John Key, the Prime Minister of New Zealand, plans to hold a vote in 2015 asking New Zealanders if they want to keep the current flag with the British Union Jack on it, or replace it with a new flag which represents the “changed” New Zealand.

The current flag has been in use for 122 years, and the British Union Jack in the corner is to show the country’s heritage. However, now that New Zealand is being flooded continually with non-White foreigners, (mostly Indians and Asians) some anti-Whites like PM Key think it is time to change the flag.

I want to get on with it. To me, I’d like to do it in 2015, […] I’d like to complete the whole process next year. I don’t think it’s one of those things we should hang around with foreverKey told the Washington Post.

But the current flag represents the thinking by and about a young country moving from the 1800s to the 1900s […] and when our forebears thought their colonial protector would always be there for their descendants.”  Key said in a speech back in March 2014

However, this country, the way we see ourselves in the world and the way others see us, has changed dramatically in the past century. Our flag does not reflect those changes.

We are in a tremendous position to enjoy the benefits and challenges that our inter-connected and globalised world offers.

A flag that unites all New Zealanders should be selected by all New Zealanders.

One of the suggested flags is a silver fern leaf with a black background to represent New Zealand’s success in sports.

A poll conducted for TVNZ television channel, showed that 72% of people asked wanted to keep the current New Zealand flag, and only 28% wanted to change it.

The reason why anti-Whites would support changing this flag is to reinforce the belief that anyone can be a New Zealander if they ‘act’ like one.

In 1961, the country was 92% ethnically European, fast-forward to 2013, and the country is now 74% European.

This is clearly a program of genocide against White people. We can confidently say this because many majority White countries all over the planet have had their borders opened to mass non-White immigration, and as a result White countries are becoming less and less White.

Anti-Whites say that singling out White people, chasing us around the country, and flooding us with non-Whites is an experiment – they say it’s an experiment in “diversity” or a “global community” – no, it’s genocide.

If they are thinking of changing the flag, how about this one?

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h/t White GeNOcide Project