“Yes, Diversity Is About Getting Rid Of White People” admits a professor


Emily Goldstein, a professor and writer for thoughtcatalog.com, wrote an article agreeing with us that White Genocide is indeed happening.

The article (which has since been deleted) was titled “Yes, Diversity Is About Getting Rid Of White People (And That’s A Good Thing)

It may have been deleted, but we can still read the article through the Wayback Machine which saves websites and allows people to view their history.

One of the more common memes that I’ve seen white supremacists spread around recently has been ‘diversity is a code word for white genocideGoldstein wrote.

That’s exactly right. Diversity IS about getting rid of white people, and that’s a good thing.

First off, I am a white person myself, so allow me to get that out of the way. I’m extremely glad that the white race is dying, and you should be too. White people do not have a right to exist. Period.

No white people means no oppression. White people are like a cancer and oppression is a symptom of the cancer. Cut out the cancer altogether – with the cancer being white people – and you get rid of all of the oppression which white people cause.

When I teach my students about human rights, critical race theory, and the role of whites in worldwide oppression, my white students often ask me how they can “atone” for the evils of whiteness and how they can make up for centuries of white oppression. And I tell them: you can do that by not having any children and ensuring that the white race does not live to oppress anyone ever again in the future.

Thankfully, white birthrates are indeed very low, while the birthrates of minorities are much, MUCH higher. Within our lifetimes, whites will be a minority in a significant number of formerly white countries, including the US, the UK, France, Germany, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand, to name just a few.

As white people, we all need to recognize that we no longer have a place in the world.

So, yes, white supremacists: diversity is indeed white genocide. And white genocide is exactly what the world needs more than anything else.

This article proves what many of us have been saying for years now: “anti-racist” is a codeword for anti-White, and “diversity” is a codeword for White genocide.

It also proves that “White supremacist”, “racist”, “bigot”, etc are just used to shut White people up. They are not meant to have any logical meaning to them – it is the child equivalent of calling someone a “poo-poo head”.

H/T White GeNOcide Project