White students in Australia rejecting “multicultural” agenda, this is a problem apparently


According to Dr Christina Ho from Sydney’s University of Technology, White Students have not obeyed the command to become “multicultural”.

White Students have very rarely mixed with non-White groups, and Dr Ho thinks that this is a problem which must be solved.

Schools are becoming more segregated in terms of both class and ethnicity,” she told the Sydney Morning Herald. “More and more students are going to schools that do not represent the range of people in their neighbourhood, but rather a select group.

You can walk between some of these schools in a few minutes and yet one is like a white bubble and the other is like a non-white bubble,” she said. “Its astounding that this can be happening in the same suburb like say, North Sydney.

The fact that there are so few students from language backgrounds other than English raises questions about the ethnic exclusivity of these networks, with ramifications for the composition of Australia’s future political, cultural and economic leaders,

In 2012, Dr Helen Proctor from the University of Sydney told the Sydney Morning Herald that ”Parents are broadly in favour of multiculturalism but alarmed about any concentrations of ethnicity, other than Anglo ethnicity, in a school,

The parents have been forced into paying lip-service to “multiculturalism” and “diversity”, but when they actually see first-hand what their children will have to go through, they don’t like it one bit.

The most basic point that we should think about here is, why exactly must White people – no matter where we are on the planet – be bullied and forced into this whole “diversity” agenda?

Is it such a hideous crime that some White kids in a school somewhere are left alone to study for their futures?

Yes it is, but only if you are an anti-White leader, or one of their bootlickers. Anti-Whites you see, want to turn us into a minority, from America, to Europe, to Australia – all in the name of “diversity”.

It is not “diversity” if it is a deliberate attempt to turn a group into the minority – it is genocide, and in this case, it is White genocide.

H/T White GeNOcide Project