White Genocide goes World Wide

Following the worldwide trend of the popular “White Genocide” internet meme cropping up in almost every corner of the western world, Pro-White website Renegade Broadcasting.com has taken it upon themselves to take the fight yet one step further. The guys and gals at Renegade have started a banner drive to raise money for Pro-White activism and the funding of White Genocide banners to be passed out to activists worldwide. Many of the activists will be displaying the banners at the upcoming White Man March which humorously enough will be taking place on March the 15 . The sites banner drive page states the following “The funds raised through this campaign will be used to purchase (at cost) at least 70 large banners to be displayed all across the United States, and perhaps across the world.” We here at White Rabbit Radio salute this fine group of Pro-White activists and much appreciate their hard work. What we are witnessing is the beginning of a tidal wave destined to consume our enemy’s. This IS the 2014 American version of the Soviet Union’s samizdat, but I will come back to that soon.

Indeed it’s been a busy year for the popular internet meme “Anti-Racist is just a codeword for Anti-White”, taking a huge step from the digital world to the real one as they’ve been seen Showing up on overpasses and billboards all across the world. From Knoxville Tennessee to New Zealand, From Birmingham England to Harrison Arkansas the meme has started to spread like wildfire and doesn’t show any signs of slowing up. Even BUGSTER Jimmy Marr made a huge splash this year by appearing on Eugene Oregon’s local news station  K-Val to give an interview about one of the many overpass signs we’ve seen this year courtesy of he and his wife. What would seem next to impossible a decade ago, nay even a few years ago, has now become an emerging norm. Perhaps the white western world has reached a boiling point of sorts with Anti-White double standards as these banners appear to popping up almost spontaneously, completely independent of any particular group or movement. The message has even shown up in parts of Scandinavia, Spain and least surprisingly the UK. British politicians Paul Weston and Nick Griffin have recently gotten in on the act by stating publically that the massive forced migrations of Non-Whites into all and only white countries is Genocide. So what does all this spell for the White Genocide message? From the humble beginnings of Bob Whitaker’s blog to an emerging worldwide trend that has gained the ire of even the infamous SPLC, it appears the Message will continue to take  the world by Storm and grow into a life all it’s own, from the realm of animations and activism to even Pro-White inspired Goth Rock. The White Genocide meme seems destined to evolve from a underground activist movement to part of the mainstream consciousness. Which brings us back to the subject of samizdat and the Soviet Union. Many people do not realize that the Soviet Union was brought down not by guns or bombs, it was brought down by its own contradictions. One of the major ways it was brought down were through dissident groups like samizdat who were illegally spreading simple memes to undermine the system. “If this is such a workers paradise why do you have armed guards to prevent people from LEAVING?” Eventually a population bogged down with contradictions starts to become susceptible to those very contradictions.  This is the inevitable future of the White Genocide message in our time. The White Genocide meme is a beacon to all whites the planet over who know something is terribly wrong with the world, but could never quite put it into words. NOW they can.

I want to take this opportunity to thank the team at White Rabbit Radio and to inform the readers as the newest Staff Journalist we will be periodically releasing new Articles. Thanks and stay tuned!

Jefferson the White Rabbit