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RaceMixingWhite Nationalists are united in the belief that our race is threatened with simple biological extinction. This is often dismissed as alarmism, but, as I have shown, one can make a very simple and compelling argument that whites will go extinct if present trends continue. The purpose of White Nationalism is to interrupt those trends.

Some White Nationalists go one step further, arguing that our race is being intentionally driven to extinction, i.e., that whites are the targets of genocide. This claim too is dismissed as not just alarmist but crazy. Nevertheless, I shall argue that white genocide is actually happening. There are people in positions of power who are promoting policies that they know will lead to the extinction of the white race. Unless, of course, we stop them.

To establish the white genocide thesis, we must do three things. First, we need to define genocide in a way that is consistent with a slow process leading ultimately to extinction. Second, we need to show that white extinction is not a mysterious force of nature but the result of human choices and actions. Third, we need to show that white extinction is not just an unforeseen, unintended consequence of these policies, but rather their deliberate, intentional effect.

It seems counter-intuitive to claim that whites are the victims of genocide. Whites are not being slaughtered by the millions, which is the image that most people have of genocide. To all appearances, our race is powerful, prosperous, and populous. But defenders of the White Genocide thesis point to the 1948 United Nations Convention on Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide, which in Article II defines genocide as

. . . any of the following acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group, as such:

(a) Killing members of the group;

(b) Causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group;

(c) Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part;

(d) Imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group; . . .

This definition of genocide is much broader than outright mass murder. In particular, points (c) and (d) are consistent with characterizing policies that destroy a group slowly, over long periods of time, as genocidal as well. So genocide comes in two forms, which we can call fast, hot genocide and slow, cold genocide. White extinction falls into the latter category.

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By Marc Steinsaltz Israeli Correspondent for Diversity Chronicle

(H.Avenger: Another great piece of satire from Diversity Chronicle. We are honored to say this piece was inspired by AntiRacist Hitler)

Under Israel’s extreme right-wing government, peaceful, beautiful, creative, and vibrant undocumented African migrants have been arrested and housed in concentration camps against their will. Thousands of intelligent, hard working, and law abiding Africans who only came to the state of Israel in search of a better life, and to make Israel an even stronger nation, have somehow been labelled a “threat” to Israel’s “Jewishness.” These people came with love in their hearts for Jews. For their naivety, they were segregated, numbered, locked up behind barbed wire, and then deported!

Undocumented migrants are often denied the right to work in Israel, to marry Israeli citizens, or even to use the state’s welfare programs. This is an obscenity and a violation of their most basic human rights! According to UN conventions on the rights of migrant peoples, Israel must grant full and complete legal equality to all undocumented migrants! This includes Arab migrants, Filipino guest workers, Somali pirates, and anyone else who resides or has resided in the past in Israel.

Fortunately, a group of progressive Israelis known as “Jews For Social Justice” are demanding that the state grant full equality to undocumented migrants. The group demands that Israel open its borders, so that peaceful people can enter the country freely. The spokesman for the group, Moshe Ficklestein, observed in a speech earlier today that “Jews are literally choking to death on their own Jewishness. They are suffocating from being Jewish in a Jewish state, they are dying inside from the despair, boredom, and emptiness of ethnic homogeneity. Israel is a sick society literally dying from a lack of diversity! Our nation is as boring, unexciting, and as tasteless as a piece of dry matzah, it needs African seasoning, and the more the better!”

Ficklestein’s speech was interrupted with boos and hollers from enraged Israeli racists and fanatical nationalists who insisted that Israel must survive as an exclusively “Jewish” state, whatever that means. I thought the idea of racial or ethnic states went out of fashion with the fall of the Third Reich. Alas, evidently not! The idea of a “pure” racial state lives on in Israel! Shocking, but true.

As Ficklestein continued speaking, he noted that “Jerusalem is devoid of a variety of authentic ethnic restaurants. At dance clubs lonely Jewish girls are forced to dance with Jewish males, instead of vibrant young African men. The African men are frankly, more exciting dance partners, as well as more interesting partners in every sense of the term! I speak from personal experience here. They possess superior virility and sexual stamina, so sadly many Jewish men resent them because of this! Those who oppose my policies are frankly jealous of African males! Sexual jealousy and uniformed petty bigotry drive all who oppose my policies! Feigned love for Israel or Jews is a mere smokescreen! These people are haters and racists. They are afraid of being cuckolded. Do not be fooled!”

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Smugglers who are moving illegal immigrants into Europe, are promising that if they go to Sweden they will be let in quicker than any other country.

Smugglers also promise that illegal immigrants will be given free accommodation in hotels, free money, and their very own blonde haired girlfriend.

On the whole it can be said that the young Syrian men are lured to Sweden by the oldest tricks in the book – money and girls. Pictures are published of blonde beauties and quotes from upset Swedish women are published because they require men,” writes a Swedish newspaper.

When illegal immigrants make it to Sweden, they often find that they are not treated like gods, and get angry because of this.

Just recently, a bus full of illegal immigrants to be re-housed in abandoned 50’s housing, refused to get off the bus, complaining that they deserved better housing. They were also upset that they had to make their own food, instead of it being served to them.

While it is tempting for us to pin all of the blame on the smugglers, it is Europe’s anti-White politicians who have allowed this to happen.

Things like this never happen in the history of Europe up until the last few decades. For thousands of years, Europe’s leaders understood that to protect your children, you have to protect your borders.

These politically correct, pro-diversity, anti-White politicians we are stuck with today, want to the White majority to be eliminated and replaced with foreigners from around the globe.

This is not some secret plot that they only talk about behind closed doors – this is what they say publicly, just not in those words.

When there is a deliberate plan to get rid of the White children, how can it not be White Genocide?

h/t White GeNOcide Project

The anti-Whites are trying to cuck us into accepting White geNOcide



On Sunday the 13th, of September, Zsolt Bayer, a co-founder of the “Fidesz” political party – Hungary’s  currently elected political party, has warned of “racial weapons” being used to destroy Europe.

Speaking in Budapest, he told a cheering crowd that “There are all kinds of weapons: traditional, chemical, atomic. And now we see that there are also racial weapons. This is the weapon that they, the invisible hands, have employed against Europe and against the white race,

Why has everyone, from everywhere and all at once, decided to start heading towards Europe? Why? Let us declare loudly and level-headedly: this is an artificial, manufactured mass migration.” he said.

And its goal is the final and irreversible transformation of Europe’s ethnic and religious composition. And for this, they have already produced the necessary ideologies. According to the Harvard professor, the white race must be made to vanish,

Our leaders in Brussels want to sell Europe from over our heads and they want to destroy our Europe…Anyone who dares to oppose this automatically becomes a Nazi,

But I have some bad news for these criminals, namely for the Austrian chancellor, the French foreign minister, the western journalists, who are liars to their very core and, of course, for the good-for-nothing people behind the Magyar Narancs publication: of the 500 million natives of Europe, 450 million do not want to see any more immigrants. The Hungarian prime minister represents their opinion,

He is just inches away from calling it White Genocide, probably because he thinks people will still see genocide as violent, despite that not being the case.

Actually, genocide does not have to be violent – according to founder of the genocide conventions, it could be certain government policies which target a group for harm or destruction.

Unfortunately, there are no English subtitles in the Youtube clip, but you can hear the crowd roaring in support!


H/T White GeNOcide Project

“Hello FWG!

I live in Croatia, and recently our government had be given order by EU leaders that we have to handle  3200 (probably much more unofficially) immigrants that have come in Italy and Greece. Of course, our media is mostly pro-immigrant, with their pathetic portrayal of “poor refugees.” But, ironically, most people are against this nonsense (some leftist too), even they are not racially aware, but mostly religious. So they are afraid of destroying Christian heritage and so on.croatia2

Since Croatia is neighbor country of Serbia and Hungary, we are also expecting big wave of immigrants from there too. Croatia is still around 98% white, so most of westerners can’t imagine how this looks.

Nevertheless, few of us are very well known of what is happening in white countries around the world, and we started to fight against this on the web and on our streets. We started to put stickers against White Genocide in our capital city. It’s only a small thing, I know, but we hope to awake people by putting them on every step of our land.
Also, there’s a pro-white news site called Pandora, which gained much popularity recently. Most of the news are from other media like Daliy Stormer, Daily Slave, and other mainstream media. Also, we are always watching White Genocide Project for other news too. croatia3

There’s also online magazine “Revolt” which is dealing with various pro-white and anti-white subjects, and of course, mass non-white immigration too. Revolt is always in PDF format which we send to many people in our country (it’s in Croatian language).

Both, Pandora and Revolt, are product of few members of The Creativity Movement sec. Croatia.

Pandora: http://pandora.kreativisti.org/
Revolt: http://kreativisti.org/Revolt.html

I’m sending you few photos of sticker activity. Inscription says: “Mass immigration – Genocide of White nations”. In our language it is a rhyme, so we hope psychological effect would be much better. We also have plans to make some stickers and leaflets about “anti-racism” and ongoing white genocide in other EU countries that has already been destroyed.

Thank you for your time and keep up good work!” Croatia5

“Oh, I almost forgot, we have translated and little bit modified one of other activists work that was found on FWG site: http://www.fightwhitegenocide.com/2015/04/05/2003/




H/T Fight White Genocide


Kalle Laanet, an Estonian politician, spoke at the International Migration Forum held in Tallinn. He told the audience that the question is not: Should Estonia take the African and the Middle Eastern immigrants (who illegally entered Southern Europe)? He said the question is: How will Estonia take the immigrants?

Today the issue is not whether Estonia should receive the refugees coming to South Europe with other European countries, but how we should do it,Laanet said.

I am sure no one of us wants to think of what would have happened if the countries of Europe had turned their backs on those who left Estonia in the 1940s.

This is silly. Europe took Estonian refugees who fled from their homes from a mass-murdering Communist dictatorship. So now Estonia must take African and Middle Eastern immigrants who passed through many safe countries on their way to Europe?

In this way we can make Europe more unified and also be sure that others will come to help us without hesitation if we need it

There are many excuses put out by these anti-Whites, but the bottom line is: if it’s a White country, it must have open borders.

Without open borders (and a high rate of non-White immigrants) it is hard for anti-Whites to “diversify” all those nasty majority White areas.

Anti-Whites believe that “diversity” means no area can be “too White”, but if that’s the case, then “diversity” is actually just a code word for White genocide.

H/T White GeNOcide Project


On Christmas eve, the Former Prime Minister of Sweden, Fredrik Reinfeldt, came out with an anti-White rant saying that Sweden belongs to the immigrants who move there, not the Native Swedish.

He also said that Sweden’s borders are fictional and the Native Swedish are “uninteresting”.

There is a choice of which country Sweden will be,he told TV4

Is this a land that is owned by those who have lived here for three or four generations,” he asked, “or is Sweden [a country] where people who come here in mid-life makes it to be and develops it?

To me, it is obvious that it should be the latter and that there is a stronger and better society if it will be open [to more immigration].

He also told TV4What is Sweden as a country? Is this a country owned by those who lived here for four generations or those found on any limit?

It’s what they [immigrants] do in Sweden that is Sweden.

In Sweden, if you do not support mass immigration and Swedish areas being deliberately targeted for “diversity“, you are quite literally seen as a “Racist” and “Neo-Nazi” – an enemy to the government.

Despite the danger of holding a differing view on immigration, especially with a new law coming very soon which will criminalize criticism of immigration; many Swedes are waking up, even if they are still to scared to vote for their views.

We often report on White genocide in Sweden because the government (and other authorities) are doing everything they can to make it happen, and silencing any other perspective.

h/t White GeNOcide Project


10,000 German citizens had gathered in Dresden on Monday to protest against mass immigration. Also a group called P.E.G.I.D.A. (Patriotic Europeans against the Islamization of the West) were protesting as well.

Angela Merkel’s spokeswoman, Christiane Wirtz, saidIn the name of the government and the chancellor I can say quite clearly that there is no place in Germany for religious hatred, no matter which religion people belong to.

There is no place for Islamophobia, anti-Semitism or any form of xenophobia or racism…

According to Yahoo news, the protestors “say they are not against immigrants but want to protest against Islamic extremism and the influx of asylum-seekers.

Anti-Whites give us two choices: accept everything that they do and say, or get called names like “racist”, “extremist”, “bigot”, “hater”, etc.

This was a common tactic of the Soviet regime as well, in fact the word “racist” was developed by Leon Trotsky in 1930.

Today, anti-Whites use words like this to promote their belief that White countries and areas are the problems, and “Diversity” is the solution.

If “Diversity” is their solution to the “White problem“, then it is a code word for White genocide.

h/t White GeNOcide Project