Intel to pay $300 million for “diversity”

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Brian Krzanich, chief executive for Intel, a multinational computer chip making company, has told NYTimes that the company has set up a $300 million fund to make the company less White and less male.

Over the next three years, the $300 million will be used to fund engineering scholarships for women and non-Whites; some of it will also go to majority Black colleges and universities.

The only countries on the face of the planet where you will find companies and governments funding “diversity” are White countries.

Anti-Whites say that we are the intolerant ones, along with every other name in the book, but it seems that they are the ones who cannot tolerate there being anything that is all-White or almost all-White, whether by design or by accident.

This “diversity” agenda has never been about mixing the world, because Africa, Asia, or South America (barring a couple of White areas) is not forced to become mixed.

We call it White genocide because essentially, White people are being pushed out of our own countries, whether we colonized them or were native to them.

h/t White GeNOcide Project