Governor opens town to tsunamigration, tells Germans to leave if they don’t like it.

AntiWhitePropSmallOn October 14th, the German town of Lohfelden, in Hesse, had a town meeting. The residents were informed that the very next day 800 illegal immigrants would be arriving in their town, and this upset many German residents.

The Regional Governor, Walter Lübcke, made a cringe-worthy attempt to influence peoples’ opinions.

It´s so great that this country has values and that these values make it really worth it to live in our country” he told the crowd.

We need to stand up for these basic values and anyone who decides not to STAND UP FOR THESE VALUES [tsunamigration] has the right to leave the country/state if they are not in agreement – it is the freedom of every German.

Yuck! What a slimebag. He basically said that Germans should leave if they don’t like tsunamigration.

The German residents were not fooled by his boot-licking, and he was immediately interrupted with “boos” and someone from the audience shouting “I can´t believe it – piss off!

We have freedom, we have a democratic system, the majority” he continued, but he was interrupted again by a member of the audience shouting “What democracy!?

Wow! Normal, everyday German families are getting really mad. “Waking up” gets tossed around a lot, but they really are waking up.

If illegal immigrants really were refugees they would be going to Saudi Arabia or Israel. They only come to Europe to get free stuff (which comes out of the pockets of working European families, need I remind you).

Anti-White politicians want to take them in because they want to get rid of the White majority, and make Europe “diverse”.

This is quite simply White genocide, because it is a deliberately engineered way of changing Europe’s ethnic character – making it less and less White.

H/T White GeNOcide Project