Chief of Plano fire department, Brian Crawford, revealed his to plan to “diversify” (replace) the mostly White staff in the fire department.

Anti-White Proposition: There can be NO all White Fire Departments!














Out of the 250 applicants we had that took our last exam, about 79% were white or white male,” Crawford said.

That does not reflect the community that we serve.

And they go, ‘Wow, I see someone who looks like me.’ That’s our best recruiting tool, and right now, that’s a challenge for us,” Crawford said.

Crawford’s department is 94% White, 6% non-White, or numerically, of the 333 firefighters, 313 are white, and 20 are non-White, with 10 of them being Hispanic (mixed-race).

The Fire chief is putting a strong emphasis on recruiting non-White firefighters, and he’s now traveling to minority White areas, groups, and institutions, such as schools, churches, and mosques, and encouraging them to join Plano Fire- Rescue.

There was a similar anti-White move in Los Angeles at the beginning of this year, where Mayor Eric Garcetti called the city’s fire department “too White”, at 50% White.

All anti-Whites agree that when an area is minority White it is “diversity”, but when an area is majority White it is “in need of diversity”.

“Diversity” has never been a global ideology. Why? Because a lot of countries don’t have White people in them. “Diversity” is simply a codeword for White genocide.

H/T White GeNOcide Project