Britain: Professor discusses how White Genocide can be accelerated

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In an essay, a professor discusses how London was made minority White, and how other majority White places can be as well.

A while back, Demos and Birkbeck college had conducted a study which found that non-Whites in Britain did not want to move to White areas, and Whites in Britain did not want to live in the majority non-White areas in London, and moved out to the majority White countryside.

Eric Kaufmann, a professor of politics at Birkbeck College, wrote an essay in the “Demos Quarterly”, where he discusses this in more detail.

When census results were released in December 2012, a headline story was the dramatic change in the ethnic makeup of Britain. Nationally, the number of people from an ethnic minority background doubled in the ten years since 2001. In London, the white British dropped from 58 to 45 percent of the total. In absolute terms, 620,000 fewer white British people lived in the capital in 2011 than in 2001 despite a population boom which added a million people to London’s population.” the essay says.

A fine-grained analysis shows that across England and Wales, wards with larger ethnic minority shares in 2001 tended to lose white British population in both absolute and relative terms over 2001-11. Is this, as the headlines suggest, the ‘retreat’ of white Britain in the face of immigrant diversity, an attempt by white Britons to maintain ethnic boundaries through exit?” Kaufmann asks in his essay.

Citizenship Surveys shows that over 80 per cent of white British adults want lower levels of immigration. However, those living in wards with more ethnic minorities are relatively tolerant of current or higher levels: about 70 per cent of white British in diverse wards want less immigration but this approaches 85 per cent for those in lily-white wards.

Contact with minorities certainly helps explain white tolerance. But it’s important to qualify the story. First, diverse metro areas or local authorities heighten opposition to immigration in the whiter sections of town. Second, white British folk in diverse neighborhoods are more tolerant in part because they are more transient.

Convergence should have resulted in more minorities in white areas and more whites in minority areas in 2011 as compared to 2001. We saw the first effect but not the second – in other words, with the exception of a few gentrifying wards, mainly in Inner London, whites moved toward whiter areas and away from diverse ones. Why are whites leaving diverse areas?

Areas with a low white share tend to lose white British people fastest, and white British are least likely to be comfortable living as a minority or having their children in ‘majority minority’ schools. Yet white British people living in diverse areas are the most tolerant segment of white Britain. For many reasons, policy makers should try and encourage them to stay.

Our research also counsels against engineering rapid demographic change. […] Dispersion of refugees and immigrants from London to heavily white provincial towns is an example of a policy which may hinder more than help the cause of integration. This is because the newcomers introduce rapid change into places without prior experience of ethnic shifts. Survey results suggest this increases hostility to immigration and fuels far-right support. Better to allow minorities to diffuse of their own accord, or if dispersion is to take place, to direct newcomers to more transient communities with previous exposure to ethnic diversity.

Anti-Whites all the time make the argument that freedom of movement is a good thing; this position is used to bring millions of non-Whites into all and ONLY White countries. Then after a while when White people leave majority non-White areas, freedom of movement “creates segregation”.

If someone is committing a genocide against your people – their words and excuses mean absolutely nothing. They may claim to stand for “peace and equality”, but eventually, all this “peace and equality” ends up trying to get rid of White people.

The truest words that anti-Whites have spoken is that they want a world without majority White countries. They won’t frame it as genocide, so it’s up to us to point out that it is genocide against White people.

Kauffman also appeared on RT news (video), to talk about what he covered in his essay.

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