Anti-Whites, promoters of the White Genocide meme?

Saturday, March the 15 was the day of the much talked about and highly anticipated White Man March. Rumors had spread far and wide through the net about the event, a day when “supremacists” and “naziswhowanttokillsixmillionjews” would be boldly and openly marching down the streets of New York and elsewhere! Of course there is one key problem with that, the event was planned as a day of open field activism where anyone and everyone could participate in some way, no matter how big or small. The Anti-Whites opposed to this of course took the WMM scheduled in March as something very literal, one can understand as there were CLEARLY no indications of a play on words.

Curiously enough the WMM march was not just a success due to the activists but in large part thanks to the ones opposing it! Thanks to twitter the WMM is now the subject of not one but TWO wildly active, trending Hashtags. #WhiteManMarch and #WhiteManMarchProtestSigns are still active as of now, a full three days after the event. Like a mosqitue drawn to the pretty light of the bug zapper the Anti-Whites couldn’t help but take the bait. A consistent message is like a letter, it doesn’t matter HOW it gets delivered, only that it GETS delivered. Some of the tweets sent out range from mockery to complete disbelief

And troll they did! Something we can’t thank them enough for! But enough about the cannon fodder, one of the REAL heroes of this event, or should we say Heroine was none other than Laura aka Minnie Erva as she’s know to BUGSers. It seems the epicenter of the days event was most definitely in Knoxville, Tennessee where Minnie and several others gathered together in solidarity to protest the crime of White Genocide. Helping give us press is one of the websites Minnie reached out too, which even wrote an article about the event.  RAW Story article on Minnie
In it the article talks about their discussions with Minnie via E-mail, asking about her statement made at the Knoxville event about how Fighting White Genocide is no different than the Japanese keeping Japan homogenous. Their response was to point out that this is America and the Native Americans were here first. (Of course also ignoring that Amerindians crossed the bering strait with roughly 20% of their genes coming from the maternal line of a now EXTINCT group of Indo-Europeans)

The always bold Minnie had this to say in response”C’mon man, no other people are told that diversity and multiculturalism is a strength, and that if they don’t accept it they are labeled hate words like ‘racist’,” she replied. “You know as well as I that they only demand All White countries and Only White countries to accept the melting pot! Or are you going to tell me now that melting pots are promoted in all countries?…’Anti-racists’ only demand White countries turn themselves non-White because of their history. Why are you JUSTIFYING GENOCIDE??”

But perhaps credit should be given where it’s due, certainly did not put up as much resistance as most, did not resort to insults and most shockingly didn’t seem to disagree with Minnie’s point of view.

Perhaps the mainstream is finding the White Genocide message harder and harder to deny? maybe even some secretly nodding their heads in silent agreement?
Only time will tell but what is most CERTAIN is that the WMM and its unwitting trolls has opened the doors to many MANY new recipients to the message.