Anti-Whites complain about “racial segregation” in Irish schools


In Ireland, some anti-White groups are upset that the native White Irish are not mixing with immigrants in schools.

Former chief executive of the Integration Centre, Killian Forde says “where there are two or more schools in a given area, one is predominantly migrant“.

He said that while the government could not tell immigrants or Irish citizens where to live, “it can be more assertive in ensuring that people mix in schools. The problem with clustering . . . is that it takes hold and, once it takes hold, it’s impossible to undo. It’s like trying to unscramble an egg.

Tom Moriarty, principal of the school ‘Educate Together’ wrote to the government that “There are schools in Dublin existing side by side where one is almost completely international in nature and the other is exclusively Irish . . . Essentially we are looking at racial segregation.

Mary Ryan, a co-founder of the Immigrant Parents and Guardians Support Association, says that the Irish government is not doing enough to mix migrant children with native Irish school children, which she says is “paving the way towards a society which is racist and further polarized. We have allowed segregation to happen and the long-term consequences are frightening.

Basically, anti-Whites are complaining about Irish schools not being mixed.

Their side demands open borders and “mixing” . . . but only in majority White areas.

Then when White places gradually become minority White, they call it a “demographics change” to say this all happened naturally.

The fact is, when they call for “diversity”, they’re actually calling for White genocide. There is nothing natural about that.

h/t White GeNOcide Project