This Week In #WhiteGenocide – 16

Anti Semitic Big foot sighted

05:00 Steal the car keys and get to C-Ville

13:45 Azzmadors many Twitter bans

17:00 ADL Attempts to “SHUT IT DOWN” on googles and youtube

22:40 Procator and Gamble gambles with Anti-White propaganda

27:00 2014 the year the goyim started knowing

35:20 Antifa soon to be on many terrorists watch lists

41:00 TV repeats “We Wuz kings ” lie to the black masses and asses

48:30 Back to Africa

56:47 Blacks and bathrooms

1:03:55 Slovak leader arrested for giving to the poor

1:08;05 Q and A

1:11:27 Social Engineering

1:20:30 Boot Camps for Pro Whites

1:27:11 Question on the Jewish Question

Special Guest: Azzmador
Horus @eurorabbit
Fash @FashGordonLevitt
Johnny Monoxide @TheParanormies