This Week In #WhiteGenocide – 15

D-Day for the Anti Whites

1:21 Jason Kessler

16:00 “To many police! ” says Mr.(((FOGEL)))

18:52 Thomas Jefferson to be targeted next talented 10th lets slip

24:00 Charlottesville Flash Point for Americas cold civil war

36:30 Heroic krypto Jew fighting the hate as mayor of Charlottesville

39:49 Ling Wing Version of Stephan Crowder

41:58 Potental violance

45:07 D-Day for the anti whites

50:30 who is speaking at Charlotsville ?

1:00.00 white Genocide talk at Charlottesville Rally

1:07.45 (((((MARIN COUNTY CA ))) to fight white genoicde to protect schools system and home prices

Horus @eurorabbit
Fash @FashGordonLevitt
Johnny Monoxide @TheParanormies
Jason Kessler @TheMadDimension