The Awakening

From a billboard near Birmingham, Alabama:


If this billboard is real* (I have no evidence to doubt its authenticity), then we are witnessing the beginning of the end of malignant anti-white universalist liberalism. Hope and change, baby.

Nerds talk about an AI singularity, but they are mistaken. The real singularity will be when The Awakening and It’s Happening collide to usher an era of truth, beauty, and realtalk, leaving behind the Dark Age of White Male Pussydom.

As I predicted, the freethinker revolution appears to be stirring first in the South, and this time around victory will not go to the Yankees. There will be no united America that survives the second homegrown clash. There will be either annihilation total of the old guard, or there will be division and separation.

In the coming battles, remember the true enemy. It’s the white elite that labors continuously to rend the race, rend the nation, and rend the family. Their defeat is required.

*If the billboard isn’t real, don’t worry. Rest assured, billboards like it are coming. The Hivemind can feel the walls closing in on them. Hence, the recent tone of hysteria that tinges Hivemind indoctrination feeds.


According to sources, the billboard is real. And there was another, similar billboard spotted in the region.

What an exciting time to be alive, witnessing the birth of a new nation!

h/t Chateau Heartiste