The language used to create the total despotism in George Orwell’s book “1984” was called Newspeak.

There was nothing new about it.

Here you will see a British political leader using Newspeak:

She wants to ban things like “’Diversity’ = White Genocide,” complete with prison sentences.

This ruler uses language that was on the tongue of Hitler, Stalin, and every other outright dictator who wanted to imprison dissenters.

She says the British Government should ban “extremists.” There was a time when what she says now would be extremist, complete with a prison sentence.

Stalin gave the Soviet Union a Constitution in 1936 and it contained guarantees of free speech that made our first amendment look pale.  photo theresa may.jpg

But it was understood, at least by those who survived, that no guarantee extended to an “extremist.”

Stalinists looked at things exactly the way the rulers of Britain do today.

To use her very words, he arrested “extremists” who sought to “undermine Soviet unity.”

The British Government does not use a single word that would not have been used by Hitler and Stalin.

It hasn’t been that long in history since she would have been arrested for “extremism” and “undermining British unity.”

I challenge you to find a single phrase in her whole dialogue that hasn’t been used and is not being used by every oppressive regime of which we have a record.

H.Avenger: This attempted crackdown does not surprise us.  While the UK elites are busy pushing White Genocide non stop.  The push back has begun in earnest. 

All you have to do is walk a street in the UK.  They say a picture is worth a thousand words. What is a sticker worth? The White kids in the UK are voting in their own way (see below).

Predictably the Ant-Whites running the UK have panicked.  At White Rabbit Radio, we know first hand.  This website has a fast growing UK audience. 

Of late, certain cell phone networks in the UK are making web surfers go through an age verification process.  You have to call in your credentials in order to pull up White Rabbit Radio on the internet!

Like the activism below, we consider all this a vote of confidence.

H/T Whitaker Online