Jimmy Marr for Mayor!?!?!

We love it.  AntiWhites are worried about whether Jimmy Marr will run for Mayor.   We cannot tell whether they are upset over the Bagpipes or the Message.

“Celebrations of the legacy of Martin Luther King Jr. in Springfield and Eugene had big turnouts today, but it looks like you can’t celebrate MLK without a racist-type or two showing up. A bagpipe-plaging kilt-wearing couple serenaded Springfield today while wielding a sign saying “‘Diversity’ is a code word for white genocide.”

EW has heard allegations that this is the same man who hung the banner over I-5 in Springfield in September 2013 that read “Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white” and that the man in question intends to run for mayor. Anyone know if those allegations are true?”

Photo credit: Dana Jo Cook

H/T EugeneWeekly