“I’m Irish”


Writing in TheJournal.ie, Bashir Otukoya, a Black Nigerian man, talks about how he is apparently Irish, but no one will see him as such. He also says Ireland is not a group of people, but just a piece of a land with an open border.

I’m Irish, but the Irish don’t know that I’m Irish” he writes.

Not ‘through blood, sacrifice and beauty’, not even by law. Neither my race, religion, nor my language depicts me as Irish, but nevertheless my identity is Irish; I am Irish by heart.

Not by law? So he’s an illegal immigrant?

there are those who remain stagnant in their perception of identity, those who perceive identity as unexchangeable.” he writes.

“…their views originate from the blinding whiteness of their associates, those who neglect to embrace the ever so multicultural Ireland that we live in today.

I don’t seem to recall Ireland, or any White country for that matter, voting to become “multicultural” or “diverse”. This entire agenda has been forced on us by anti-White elites.

The truth of the matter is that there is a severe amount of discreet racism and xenophobia that exists in our society

Otukoya writes that “It is harmful because the desire is to be seen as equal, as an Irishman, as a Dubliner, not to be seen as a refugee, or a welfare thief, or someone who doesn’t belong.

What is unforgivable however are those racist remarks that are so openly used in the guise of political agendas, such as those expressed by Identity Ireland. When asked about the Mediterranean dilemma, they recommended rescue and repatriation techniques.

It is unfair that a country with such high international prestige identified by its hospitality, warmth and openness, should be tainted by talk of inconsiderate repatriation. The fact that Ireland is the top naturalising country in Europe is another clear testament to the true identity of Ireland, a hospitable country that welcomes all nationalities with an open border, a céad míle fáilte to everyone.

Otukoya has lived in Ireland for 15 years, and he seems to think that he has more right than the Native Irish (who have lived there for thousands of years) to say what the country should do.

The important question is, why would a newspaper allow him to write such a blatant and inflammatory anti-White post, which would be sure to upset Irish people?

Ireland, like so many other White countries, are ruled by an anti-White elite who want to “diversify” every last White area until White people are no longer the majority. Legally, this is classed as White genocide.

H/T White GeNOcide Project