Crybabies say German street names must “honor Africans”, locals are outraged


In Berlin, Germany, Post-Colonial Berlin” is complaining that streets are named after people they don’t like.

For example, the street of Petersallee is named after Carl Peters, one of the men behind the founding of a German colony in East Africa.

There is also the street of Lüderitzstraße, which is named after Adolf Lüderitz, a founder of a German colony in Southwest-Africa.

They are also upset about the street of Nachtigallplatz, named after Gustav Nachtigall, an explorer who traveled through Africa.

Mnyaka Sururu Mboro, an African and member of the group, is angry about this.

Carl Peters was so brutal, I cannot understand that some people are proud to have a street named after him in this quarter” he said.

Christian Kopp, another member of the group said “We have thousands of streets in Berlin, but we do not know any street in Berlin honoring a person from Africa. That needs to change,

And in Nigeria or Zimbabwe, there are no streets honoring Germans. Who cares, apart from silly crybabies?

These demands are upsetting some Berliners, who see this as a pointless and petty issue.

I wasn’t even born when Peters was in Africa. Don’t we have bigger problems than street names?” one upset man said.

A woman said “Can’t we leave the past behind? We do not have anything to do with those colonialists,

Local Berliners have formed a group to oppose this changing of street names.

Johann Ganz, the association chairman of this anti-sign change group said “These names belong to our community, to our neighborhood, to our culture.

We want peace and quiet to return to our neighborhood,” he said.

Unfortunately, peace and quite is the last thing you’ll get if you happen to be White. The “diversity” agenda is entirely about White people, or more specifically, getting rid of us, and to a lesser extent our culture and customs.

You will never see anyone complaining about a lack of “diversity” in a Black country because “diversity” is not about changing those countries.

It’s entirely about destroying majority White countries by making them multi-racial. Simply put, “diversity” is White genocide.

H/T White GeNOcide Project