Colorado University cancels “White Privilege” conference because it’s Anti-White.







The Colorado Springs campus at the University of Colorado’s has cancelled all future conferences from the “White Privilege Conference” group.

The relationship with the conference ended as a result of confusion about its name and the negative attention generated by it. University leadership, in concert with the conference organizers, determined the distraction caused by the conference was not beneficial to our student body,” UCCS spokesman Tom Hutton told in an email.

A journalist from attended a previous conference and remarks on the anti-White agenda: “I had attended that year’s White Privilege Conference near Seattle, and it had struck me as a three-day festival of white self-loathing coupled with finger-pointing at white people for their supposedly “unearned” wealth and social status afforded them simply by reason of their skin color.

The bashing was supposed to be good, not just for guilty whites but for members of minority groups whose private paranoias about the way they thought white people secretly felt about them found expression in the conference’s offerings.

The conference covered topics such as “Talking Back to White Entitlement,” “Follow the White Supremacist Money,” and “Engaging White People in the Fight for Racial & Economic Justice”.

The 2014 “White Privilege Conference” held in Wisconsin in March was the fifteenth conference held by the group so far, and the difference in the one was that the media were denied from attending the conference of anti-White hate, but they failed in their efforts.

One speaker, Kim Radersma, said she has to “everyday wake up and acknowledge that I am so deeply imbedded with racist thoughts and notions and actions in my body that I have to choose everyday to do anti-racist work and think in an anti-racist way.

The Wisconsin Reporter discovered that taxpayers of Madison, Wisconsin, would be paying for this conference – paying to give their children an anti-White guilt-trip.

Now that many White countries are full of non-Whites, the next step of White genocide is to force us to assimilate. In other words, force “diversity” on all White areas, and ONLY White areas.

This next step goes a lot smoother for anti-Whites if they “teach” White people to hate ourselves.

White Genocide is carried out by opening the borders of a White country and encouraging non-Whites to move in in massive amounts, and then force “diversifying” (force assimilating) White areas.

In fact, the Labour government of the UK admitted that it had “head hunters” who encouraged immigrants to enter the UK to “rub [the right-wing’s] noses in diversity“.

“Diversity” is just a code for White Genocide.

h/t White GeNOcide Project