Alabama: “#WhiteGenocide” message covered up


610X320 BLUE NO OUTLINE - CopyIn Birmingham, Alabama, a massive “#WHITEGENOCIDE” was sprayed on a wall which could be seen by thousands of drivers each day on the i-59.

The message has since been covered up by the Birmingham government, but, a news company for the area wrote quite a sub-standard article about the sign, and didn’t even bother to get the opinion of anyone who promoted this idea of White Genocide.

They did however, get a few sentences from a professional anti-White.

According to Mark Potok with the Southern Poverty Law Center, ‘white genocide’ is a catchphrase used by a white supremacists group that exist online called the White Genocide Project.

Mr Potok is only calling us “supremacists” because we are White. Unless White folk are on our knees begging for mercy at how nasty and racist we are, then we are even more racist, in the eyes of anti-Whites.

Potok also say that the group believes women are having fewer white babies which translates to genocide of white people.

Wrong, wrong, wrong. We are directly accusing Mr Potok, and his ilk, of White Genocide. White Genocide is happening because anti-Whites like Potok are pushing anti-White policies in the name of “diversity”.

Under international law, this is genocide because these policies are deliberately engineered to bring about a White minority in White countries.


No Black country is described as “too Black” or is told it “needs diversity”. Nor is any Asian country. The only places on the planet which apparently “need diversity”, all happen to be White. Coincidence? Or White Genocide?

The group believes that anyone who actively opposes racism is secretly against white people” Potok said.

Secretly? No, they are PUBLICLY against White people! They proclaim White people to be racist, and then say they’re “anti-racist”. What they really are is anti-White.

H.Avenger: ” We ran an article on this sign a week ago before they took it down.  We rarely add anything to Steve Goode’s articles over at White GeNOcide Project.  Steve has been a power house of performance in turning out these articles in a timely manner.  However, we do think one thing is interesting in regards to Mr Potok’s statement.  Potok and the SPLC know very well what we are saying.  We have always stated the following: “Forced Assimilation” = White Genocide.  We have never claimed that White Genocide is defined by just lower birth rates.  Is Mr Potok being disingenuous? Is he outright telling a whopper?  In our opinion, he is trying to put a strategy together to frame our message.  We have seen this effort of late as well by Elon James via This Week in Blackness.  Of course, this will not work for either of them.  They are not the only ones getting the call to explain our message. Furthermore, we are getting a ton of web traffic across the board.  Folks are coming right to the source to hear exactly what we have to say about #WhiteGenocide.  But it is telling that he would say something which he has to know is laughable to anyone with web access.  Mr Potok appears to still be living in a world where everyone is dependent on THEIR information.  Like the Politburo in the last days of the Soviet Union, the SPLC sits isolated at the top. They are forever reading their own pronouncements as if they are still dictating reality to the masses.  And we find this to be a very encouraging sign.”

h/t White GeNOcide Project