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Speak out against anti-whites who use the word “hate” to promote White Genocide


Censure the anti-white media for trivializing “Polar Bear Hunting” as a “game”


Include in common core curriculum: DIVERSITY IS A CODE WORD FOR WHITE GENOCIDE


And our favorite here at WRR!

Win The War on Terror Without a Single Dead Soldier—-Declare Iran a “NATION OF IMMIGRANTS.”


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H/T HD and WhiteGeNOcide Project

Any protest against White Genocide is ridiculously smeared as “hate” by anti-whites.

The White House has supported this absurd assault on Whites by removing this petition from its petition site:

Declare “HATE” to be a hate word used to carry out WHITE GENOCIDE!

Do you oppose affirmative action?

You’re a “hater”!

Do you prefer to live in a crime-free White community?

You’re a “hater”!
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Looking to irritate the AntiWhites?  Or maybe you are just itch’n to smack a Pink Rabbit with the Mantra?

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